Who’s more generous: you or your friends?

Today, we at the Central Bureau of Data  decided to shine a light, end the controversy and to finally answer the question… What names make for the most generous donors across the US? In our day to day lives we have always wondered what were the most common names in my state? Or how many people…


Giving Index: 2013 in Review

Our partnership with Looker allows anybody to generate insights into America’s educational system, schools needs, and emerging trends in education. Request an invite to interactively explore our open datasets now. Today, in partnership with Looker and Highwire PR we announced a release of this public data exploration feature and here are a few stories and an…


Interactive Project Map

Visualize 13 years of project funding data on this zoomable interactive map. Only fully funded projects are shown, along with their densities and a time slider. Try zooming in to explore a specific state, city or district.


OPEN DATA: unleashed

For the first time ever, we bring to you an interactive way to explore, visualize and share insights into 13 years worth of’s public datasets. In partnership with our amazing in-database Business Intelligence platform called Looker, we are releasing this product by invite only. Thanks to the team at Looker for being the raddest…

" A day without statistics is like a day without sunshine "- Jeffrey Luftig

" Let the dataset change our mindset "- Hans Rosling



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Today is one beautiful day. The Bureau of Data at has launched a new site (you are on it, if you reading it). Loads of new features, insights and other data-related information will be published, curated and shared here as our insights into education continue to unfold.